La notícia que llegireu a continuació l’han redactat els alumnes de 6è a la classe d’English Project i us expliquen el projecte del Restaurant que hem estat fent durant el segon i tercer trimestre. També podreu veure les fotos i un vídeo d’un dels grups. Esperem que us agradi!


We are the 6th grade students. In English Project class, during the second and the third term we have been doing a project about a Restaurant. In groups of 3 we created our own restaurant and we designed a menu and then we wrote a script with a dialogue between the waiter/waitress and two costumers. Finally, we performed the script in front of our classmates like a short play. We also made the atrezzo for our play! We worked hard and had a lot of fun! The teacher loved it and she is very happy and proud of our work. J

Here you can see some pictures of our plays in class and the menus and atrezzo.